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We Are Dedicated

GST is a company that provides turnkey warehousing solutions to organizations looking to spread their wings and jump up to the next league.

Our focus has always been on delivering complete peace of Mind to all companies we associate with. Providing end to end solutions starting from planning the warehousing work, right down to execution till it begins to operate.

We believe in building long term relationships, and that’s why majority of our new business comes from existing clients who decide to work with us, year after year.

  • Warehouing Solutions Land Allocation & Consultancy
  • Real Estate Consultant Warehouse Project Development & Maintainance

What We Do

Advisory Services

GST Warehouse Solutions, with our expertise team of investment advisors, support our clients by bringing awareness about wise and informed decisions where higher returns are assured.We develop a fool proof system of investment, which assure the client with safe and fruitful returns from every penny invested.

Government Liasoning

At GST Warehouse Solutions Legal approvals play a very important role. We follow very strict guidelines when it comes to government liasoning.We work very closely with all the government departments in obtaining necessary approvals from relevant authorities.

Asset management service

As over the past few years through in-depth research and development we have developed ASSET OPTIMISATION TECHNIQUES (AOT).Under AOT we take all the information into account as the objective behind your investment, your ultimate goal,what are your expected returns, how fast you want returns, and so on.


Every project is a unique endeavor with specific requirements. Successful implementation of production facilities or systems requires experienced, knowledgeable management – to plan ahead, resolve questions and keep everything on track.

Sourcing & Logistics

As a sourcing and logistics partner, we provide customers the highest quality and most cost effective services possible. We provide a full range of supply chain and logistics services, which include local/global sourcing, multi- commodity sourcing, distribution sourcing, third party management, and logistics consolidation.

Mergers and acquisitions

GST Warehouse Solutions, involves the process of combining two companies into one. The goal of combining two or more businesses is to try and achieve synergy – where the whole (new company) is greater than the sum of its parts (the former two separate entities).

Key Strength

Industry experience

Custom made solutions

End to End Solutions

Well Connected

Expert Guidance


Ready Contact Database

Financially stable

Great Rapport among owners

Specialist teams

Innovative thinking

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